The book costs 10 euro; is it going to make the author rich?

Following in the Footsteps of the Four Famous Flannerys is written by John Mulligan and published by The Connaught Telegraph. The author and the publisher have both agreed to donate all royalties and profits from this book to The Aurelia Trust,  a Cork-based charity that works with abandoned and at-risk children in Eastern Europe.

The Aurelia Trust is best known for its work in Romania, where it has been to the forefront of the campaign to reform the notorious care system in the orphanage and disability sector. The Trust is one of the partners in the national pilot project that aims to close all outdated disability residential centres and replace them with community-based accommodation and a more enlightened approach to these victims of what was a very cruel regime.

The members of the Aurelia Trust accept no payment for their work, and in fact they pay all their own airfares, accomodation and other expenses from their own resources, allowing 100% of all donations to go directly to those in need. The author and the publishers are pleased to be able to donate all royalties and profits from this book to this very worthy cause, secure in the knowledge that this money goes directly to those who need it most, with no deductions for overheads or administration.



All of the royalties and profits from the sale of this book are being donated to the Aurelia Trust , a non-profit Irish NGO that works to improve the lives of abandoned and at-risk children in Eastern Europe.